antisnatchor & h0wl presents

WarCon 2016

[+]Date: 3/4 June 2016 (Starts 10:00 AM) [+]Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Arrigo Triulzi => ["TBA: Trinity, Baneberry, Amchitka" on the beginnings, leaks and folly]
  • Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk, @j00ru => [Effective file format fuzzing - thoughts, techniques and results]
  • joernchen => [German Sparkle Party]
  • Nicolas GrĂ©goire => [Something Evil about XML]
  • George Nicolau => [Deception, Annoyance Baiting and Trapping and Attribution Linux Distribution]
  • Mario Heiderich => [My Sweet Innocence Exposed - Eleven Reasons why we will all miss you, "e"]
  • Johannes Dahse (@FluxReiners) => [Bughunting with Static Code Analysis]
  • shm as @akat1_pl => [Fuzz you, fuzz me, fuzz it for always... That's the way it should be. - Lib-onel Richie on finding bugs in libraries]
  • Piotr Duszynski => [On-demand fast and anonymous communication channels]]
  • Jurriaan Bremer => [Popping the Reverse Engineer 101]
  • Felix Wilhelm => [Breaking Next-Generation Firewalls]
  • Markus Vervier (@marver) => [PUSHing Around 2FA - A Duo of Selective Denial-of-service And Authentication Bypass]